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Calibration Pipette Repair (CPR) has over 25 years experience in calibration, repair and maintenance of pipettes and pipette aids for many Biotechnology Companies. We offer our calibration, validation, certification and repair services on all Pipette brands.

CPR offers calibration and maintenance in three convenient ways: In-House, Pick-Up and Mail-In. Test equipment should be precise, accurate, and repeatable. We are committed to bringing Biotechnology Companies the highest quality calibration, maintenance, and repair for the pipettes that are used with their laboratory equipment.

Calibration Pipette Repair only uses extensively trained technicians. Maintaining quality, reliability and dependability of your laboratory pipettes is our number one priority!

CPR, The Pipette Doctor, Doesn’t Just Calibrate

Almost all pipettes, which are inaccurate, require repair not just calibration. Re-calibrating to compensate for an improperly functioning pipette is only camouflaging the underling problem.

Scale / Balance Calibration

  • Cleaning external parts of the balance
  • Polishing weigh tray, removing rust & stains
  • Validate corner load
  • Validate linearity of the balance (high, med, low)
  • NIST computer generated calibration sheets
  • Performance reports
“We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated with great respect.”
“We were impressed by the quality and the efficiency of service that was provided.”

“The best in the business. The science is flawless, and the service is perfect. Each technician knows their job very well and it is apparent that they are trained to handle any problem they may encounter.”

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